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If we notice the patterns, listen to each other with open minds, anchor our actions in principles and trust our intuitions, life will guide us toward a brighter future, personally, professionally and globally.

Welcome to LifeGuides, LLC

LifeGuides, LLC is a single member business for Denise Moreland's work as a consultant and author.  LifeGuides, LLC offers management consulting services, workshops and trainings and Denise's book, Management Culture: Innovative & Bold Strategies to Engage Employees.  Denise has more than 30 years of management experience and understands the dynamics, pressures and challenges of moving organizations forward.  

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Services and Products 

LifeGuides, LLC offers:
-   Management Consulting
-  Leadership Coaching for all levels, including staff
-  Government Consulting for public administrators
-  IT Modernization and Strategic Planning for public sector  leaders
-  Management Culture, a book for supervisors, managers and staff to create healthy and productive workplaces    
-  Workshops and Training for conferences and  workplaces
- A thought-provoking blog for those who want to go deeper

Management Consulting

Across all sectors--private, public and non-profit--there exists a set of common management pressures.  Responsibility without enough authority. Accountability without enough autonomy. Meetings, politics, deadlines, budgets, conflicts, drama and more. Ms Moreland offers management consulting based on decades of experience as a manager.  

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Leadership Coaching

The most challenging aspects of leadership are often not the  external pressures placed upon us but the internal pressures we place on ourselves to do, to solve, to know and to rescue.  Ms Moreland understands the internal pressures of leading and can help you become more grounded in your practice and balance in your life no matter your position or title.

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Government Consulting

Public service is a noble calling despite negative perceptions of bureaucracy. Working with and within government can be frustrating, challenging and highly rewarding. It takes patience, fortitude, creativity and courage to be successful.  With decades of experience understanding the layered dynamics of government, Ms. Moreland can help you navigate the complex terrain in what she calls "the implementation arm of democracy."

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IT Modernization 

Government IT is a patchwork of independent and inter-dependent technologies, leading to complex workflows and siloed data. Ms. Moreland can help you see the forest above the trees and the tangled roots beneath them. Understanding all levels will help you plan and modernize IT in alignment with business strategies. Ms Moreland can speak business and IT to help you strengthen the bridges between the two lingo-laden worlds, increasing trust through partnership and collaboration. 

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Management Culture: Innovative & Bold Strategies to Engage Employees.  
The root cause of workplace drama and discontent is often difficult to see and fix because it lies not in policy and procedures but in the culture. Management sets the culture by its words and actions. In Management Culture, Ms Moreland challenges the the culture of management--the unwritten rules about what it means to be "the boss"--that are most problematic and offers practical advice on how to fix what is broken at work.  

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Workshops and Training

"Culture eats strategy for breakfast" (Peter Drucker).  No matter how brilliant the strategies or noble your organization's mission, they will not come to fruition if the culture undermines them.  Culture is dynamic, organic, illusive and multi-layered. Healthy culture is is grounded in lived values, not merely those posted on the wall or website.  Ms. Moreland offers workshops and trainings on how to improve your work culture, engagement and productivity, from the C-Suite to line staff, creating space for work to actually be fun!

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LifeGuides Blog

Follow Denise's blog for insightful analysis of the dynamics that exist below the surface of our daily interactions and observations.  Topics range from workplace conflicts to management practices to societal shifts to cultural trends. Denise offers practical advice and encouragement to help you navigate work and life challenges. She offers the occasional philosophical musing on life's big questions, and even some original poetry.

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